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Huawei Technologies has unveiled its end-to-end HSPA+ solution, which carries a speed of up to 12Mbps.

After the demonstration of its HSPA+ services with Qualcomm during PandT/Expo Comm in Beijing, China, in October, Huawei developed its own HSPA+ mobile broadband terminal, the E182E, to couple with its fourth-generation BTS.

The E182E showed good performance when testing the transmission of HD video streaming at top data speeds.

Other data-intensive applications like internet browsing, real-time location services and multimedia sharing, were also demonstrated with high quality.

Huawei’s HSPA+ solution will enable operators to tap into the various business opportunities available in the growing value-added services (VAS) mobile arena, meeting demand for multimedia services such as digital music, multimedia instant messaging (IM) and content sharing, therefore establishing future profit potential in the competitive mobile market.

Huawei said its HSPA+ solution is likely to garner support from several key operators since it is a cost-effective migration path from HSDPA/HSUPA, enabling end users to enjoy the higher speeds and reliability that HSPA+ delivers.

The technology is backward compatible with all prior generations of WCDMA and evolves existing networks without the need for new spectrum.

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