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Meggitt Sensing Systems has introduced the Endevco model 7257AT, a compact, hermetically sealed piezoelectric accelerometer with integral electronics.

The accelerometer is designed for vibration measurements on flight-test vehicles, particularly ones that incorporate telemetry as their chosen data-acquisition system.

The device offers the functions of both flight-test accelerometer and airborne amplifier in one small package.

Available in six model variations, with choice of 10mV/g or 100mV/g sensitivity and upper corner frequency ranges from 500Hz to 5,000Hz, the Endevco model 7257AT offers a +/-2.5V full-scale output, biased at +2.5V DC, which can be directly interfaced with many different types of telemetry systems.

The sensor’s three-wire configuration offers fixed voltage input, with a built-in four-pole Butterworth low-pass filter that provides necessary out-of-band signal suppression, typically required for telemetry-based applications.

In addition, the sensors can be powered by any flight vehicle standard +15 to +32V DC supply, and are electrically case isolated from the mounting surface.

A centre through-hole mounting configuration allows for 360deg cable orientation and greater application flexibility.

A recommended accessory for use with the model 7257AT is the Endevco model 6917M2-XXX, a directly compatible cable terminating with pigtails.

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