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Endicott Interconnect Technologies (EI) has added LCP Laminates to its range of microelectronics packaging products.

Custom-designed LCP Laminates are suitable for semiconductor packages as LCP coreless designs for up to six layers, as well as in combination with other rigid materials as hybrid circuits.

Development and testing of Z-interconnect cross-sections for offerings of more than eight layers are also underway.

EI’s adhesiveless, film-based LCP Laminates provide high-density interconnection.

Beginning with Rogers’ Ultralam 3000 series materials, EI fabricates, tests and assembles its LCP Laminates into advanced microelectronic packages, including flex and chip-on-flex, offering a complete solution from the product design stage through to testing.

The low dielectric constant and low dissipation factor of LCP provide electrical performance across the RF spectrum and it remains stable even under harsh environmental conditions, such as extreme temperature and humidity.

It also offers tolerance to high levels of radiation exposure, making it suitable for aerospace and defense applications such as microwave and digital circuits for communications and radar, satellites, munitions and avionics.

Because it is biocompatible for use in the human body and near-hermetic due to low moisture absorption, LCP is also suitable for medical applications, such as implantable devices.

When designs require the advantages of size, weight and power (SWaP) reduction and flexibility, EI LCP Laminates enable users to make the jump from ceramic packages to an organic solution or any application requiring a system-in-package (SiP) approach.

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