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Ener-g has launched a lighting system that it claims cuts electricity bills and reduces carbon emissions by as much as 50 per cent.

The technology uses smart electronic ‘ballasts’ – equipment that controls the starting and operating of high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting systems, commonly known as son or metal halide lighting.

HID lighting is used in several applications such as sports and leisure facilities, factories, distribution warehouses, cold stores, retail outlets and public sector buildings.

The smart ballast has built-in intelligence, enabling it to provide the exact amount of electrical energy needed to ignite a HID lamp.

This contrasts with conventional magnetic electronic systems that tend to damage electrodes by delivering excessive voltage and use excessive energy.

Its ‘soft’ ignition method together with high-frequency operation preserves the condition of the lamp, giving good light levels (for a 400W MH lamp) even after 20,000 operating hours.

Additional ‘plug and play’ control options allow for automatic daylight saving, time control and control of individual luminaries to provide varied lighting levels and enhanced savings.

Internet access means that lighting use can be monitored and controlled remotely if required.

Customers can purchase these high efficiency smart ballasts for retrofitting to existing HID lights or as a complete system including new luminaries.

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