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ABAC has developed a system that can be used to recover the waste heat generated by compressed air systems.

The Alup Energy Box converts the heat generated by most air compressors into hot water up to 70C for industrial processes, as well as domestic applications such as hot water for washrooms, replacing the energy normally used to fuel boilers or heaters.

Energy Box offers a packaged system that can be fitted to any make of oil-injected rotary screw compressor up to 90kW.

The system, which recovers energy from the oil circuit on the compressor via a heat exchanger, can be installed quickly and at a lower cost compared to previously available systems.

According to ABAC, this allows a return on investment (ROI) to be achieved quickly and provides an opportunity to recover normally wasted energy from air compressors, regardless of age or make.

The amount of energy it is possible to recover using Energy Box can contribute to reducing energy bills and improving efficiency.

For instance, with a relatively small 37kW compressor, the energy available for recovery can be up to 29.9kW.

Energy Box is available in several sizes to suit any make of oil-injected screw compressor from 11kW to 90kW, and operating with larger compressors or for longer periods can result in greater energy savings, added ABAC.

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