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The Green Building Initiative and QA Graphics have announced a collaboration that will enable users of the Green Globes assessment programme to receive information about building performance.

QA Graphics provides the Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard (EEED), an educational tool used to display building performance data and education about sustainable initiatives.

The company has joined the Green Building Initiative as an official supporter and will collaborate with the organisation to help its members facilitate education about sustainable building practices.

The Green Building Initiative supports building approaches that are environmentally progressive, practical and affordable for builders to implement, offering the Green Globes web-based green building assessment tool.

Green Globes provides an affordable and user-friendly way to achieve a credible green certification, and organisations can use QA Graphics’s EEED to satisfy a variety of points under this rating system as well as for ongoing building performance data and education purposes.

QA Graphics’s EEED is an interactive interface used to educate about sustainable building practices, by creatively displaying real-time building performance data in a way that is easy to understand and demonstrating how sustainable features such as geothermal heat pumps or photovoltaic systems actually work.

The EEED is also used to motivate tenants to participate in the organisation’s environmental efforts, through education as well as competitions encouraging occupants to see who can use less water or electricity.

The application is similar to a website, typically shown online or on a display in a building lobby, and can be tailored to all ages, with games, interactive quizzes, and calculators that provide easy to understand comparisons, such as how many swimming pools could be filled with water saved or how many homes could be powered by electricity saved.

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