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Rehm Thermal Systems has announced that its reliable solder joints have a low cost of ownership as a direct result of low-energy-consumption valves.

The VisionXP convection soldering system, for instance, incorporates a series of advanced features designed to enhance energy efficiency, from optimised heat transfer and precise profiling to a ‘thermally invisible’ conveyor system and high-quality insulation.

VisionXP is also equipped to cut maintenance by up to 50 per cent through the company’s Pyrolysis residue management system.

Shortening long molecular chains to reduce the amount of condensable waste within the process chamber, Pyrolysis operates at approximately 500C to ensure a clean and dry reflow system for the efficient, environmentally friendly disposal of contamination.

Since optimised heat profiling is critical to energy-efficient soldering, VisionXP’s heat zones are each equipped with dedicated fans for maximum process control.

Homogeneous heat input is achieved as a result of short heat zones, which also allow for precision adjustable temperature profiles.

The soldering system features uninterrupted heating at the bottom as well as the top to avoid one-sided overheating.

This advanced functionality allows for lower temperature settings for a further energy saving.

The conveyor systems ensure that no heat is carried over from one heat zone to the next at any point, while insulating materials minimise the release of heat into the atmosphere.

The result is an energy-efficient process for reliable solder joints at a low cost of ownership.

Rehm Thermal Systems

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