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Precidia Technologies has provided a serial connectivity solution for energy management to Thomas Jefferson University and Hospital (Jefferson), an academic health centre in Philadelphia.

The university has connected more than 55 serial-based dataloggers, communicating with more than 360m throughout its campus to an Ethernet network using Precidia’s serial networking adapters.

This solution allows staff to monitor and manage energy usage in real time from a network PC.

Jefferson spans 10 million square feet of property, including several hospitals and various university facilities.

Managing energy usage in such a facility can be daunting, particularly when the dataloggers and recorders that record energy usage are serial based devices.

These devices, while reliable, cannot be accessed from any network, making them difficult to manage remotely.

Precidia’s serial networking devices are designed to solve this problem.

These adapters feature an Ethernet interface, as well as one or two RS232 ports, allowing RS232-based dataloggers to easily connect to the university’s existing LAN.

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