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Infotechnics has been contracted by Australian energy provider Origin Energy to supply its Opralog advanced operational logging and reporting system.

Infotechnics will implement the system at the recently developed Darling Downs Power Station in Queensland.

The 630MW gas-fired power station will generate enough energy to supply 400,000 homes with electricity.

Origin will begin by implementing Opralog to assist with shift handover procedures and the management of operational information at Darling Downs.

Lynden Bow, IT systems manager for generation, said: ‘During development of the new power station at Darling Downs, we identified an immediate need for an electronic operational logging system to assist with the shift-handover procedure.

‘The sharing and management of plant information is essential in maintaining the effective communication of events and issues between shifts and ensuring the transparency of operations throughout the business.

‘The Darling Downs Power Station operates on three gas turbines and one steam turbine.

‘There are many systems in place for recording and analysing operational data, and the ability for Opralog to leverage data from these existing systems at Darling Downs directly to the shift logs is a major benefit.

‘Opralog will help to improve operational efficiency at the site and the rich and highly configurable reporting capabilities of Opralog will allow better use of time and the ability to create more informed, useful reports for health and safety, commercial and environmental purposes,’ added Bow.

Jon Howard, Infotechnics’ business development director, said: ‘Opralog will enable shift workers to capture operational information quickly and consistently and make it readily available across the organisation.

‘Comprehensive audit trails and customised reporting capabilities will ensure that operations are more transparent and improve communication and decision making,’ he added.

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