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At Hannover Messe, Saft is introducing its new Intensium Max megawatt-scale containerised lithium-ion (Li-ion) energy storage system, to facilitate penetration of renewable energy into power grids.

The Intensium Max Li-ion energy storage system does this by making intermittent and variable generation predictable and grid compatible.

At stand E45 in Hall 13, Saft will demonstrate how Li-ion technology is able to meet every on-grid energy-storage need, ranging from kilowatts to megawatts and from electricity generation through transmission and distribution to final users.

Systems include Synerion high-energy modules that provide smart energy storage for the effective ‘time-shifting’ of production, to maximise the value of photovoltaic (PV) schemes, and a 70kW high-power module that provides dynamic, rapid support at high voltages, to improve the stability of transmission and distribution networks.

Intensium Max was developed to improve the network compatibility of a medium-to-large renewable-generation plant.

It can smooth intermittent generation and reduce ramp rates, as well as helping to manage power flows within medium-voltage grids, making wind and solar energy a predictable and manageable contribution to the energy mix.

According to Saft, its Synerion modules utilise the performance, long service life and zero-maintenance requirements of Li-ion technology to provide flexible energy storage solutions that help encourage the roll-out of distributed residential and small commercial renewable energy solutions.

The energy storage offered by a Synerion system will ‘time-shift’ power generated during peak production times, during the middle of the day for solar energy, to the peak demand times, mainly during the evening.

This both maximises local consumption and enhances the value of the PV system as only surplus energy is fed back into the grid.

Saft Li-ion modules constitute the building blocks for multi-MW, kV-level energy storage systems that deliver dynamic, rapid support that enable electricity utilities to manage the introduction of intermittent renewable resources.

They can support the grid with load levelling or peak shaving functions as well as other vital ancillary services such as frequency regulation that improve the stability, reliability and capacity of power networks.

They are designed for connection to the grid at transmission as well as subtransmission and distribution levels, and system ratings of up to 50MW for up to 60 minutes are possible.

Saft is also featuring its new high-energy Evolion system, designed for telecom infrastructure, where Saft claims it delivers the highest-possible performance within the limited cabinet space.

In developing the Evolion concept, Saft has focused on delivering the maximum possible performance within the limited space available within telecom cabinets, while also ensuring the optimum TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) for equipment OEMs and network operators.

The result is a battery system that offers new possibilities for the creation of compact, safe and reliable backup systems for a wide variety of telecom installations including: outdoor on-grid sites; off-grid hybrid power systems and DPCO (Distributed Power for Central Office).

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