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Barcovision has introduced Energymaster to allow users of its MES systems to add energy monitoring functionality.

Energymaster can monitor power consumption, the use of water, steam, compressed air, gas and other types of utilities.

It combines the collected energy consumption data with the production data such as units produced to come up with reports such as the ‘Specific Energy Consumption’ or SEC graph and the ‘Performance Characteristic Line’ or PCL.

Savings in energy costs are often easy to achieve, provided the reasons for losses are known.

Energy meters and consumption meters can be connected to the data units already installed on the production machines.

With the introduction of three power consumption meters, Barcovision said that it has simplified energy monitoring for its customers.

Software and meters can be purchased from the same supplier.

The meters are designed for interfacing with Barcovision data units.

They don’t need a display and keys to allow settings and initialisation; all this is done through the data unit display and keyboard of the data unit.

Two types measure active and reactive power only: the first with a pulse output, the other with a Modbus serial interface.

The third type allows a full analysis of power consumption for installation in power distribution panels.

With this last type, up to 31 energy meters can be placed in a serial line connected to just one data unit.

Barcovision has also introduced a consumption meter for compressed air, especially for measuring the air consumption on air jet weaving looms.

There is no display on the air consumption meter as it interfaces with the data unit.

In most installations, only two holes have to be drilled in the pipe, using a special gauge.

Fixing the meter with the two probes in the holes makes the pipe airtight and ready to work.

The Energymaster software works in conjunction with the Barcovision manufacturing execution systems, such as Plantmaster, Weavemaster and Sedomaster, and can also work as a stand-alone energy-monitoring system.

In stand-alone mode, some data units are located in the plant.

Up to 31 energy meters can be connected to each data unit.

From these data units the meter data is transmitted to a PC server via a wireless network.

Energy-related data can be exported to other systems such as the plant’s ERP system.

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