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Enerpac has introduced a portable hydraulic spreading tool that generates 1,360kg of lifting capacity from 24kg of force applied to the handle of its integrated hand pump.

The 700bar WR 13 integrated spreader, weighing 12kg, features a built-in pump that simplifies setup and permits safe one-man operation for users who need to open a gap, lift equipment or move machinery in a remote or confined space.

With a tip clearance of 25mm and maximum spread of 95mm, the WR 13 is suitable for applications such as industrial fabrication or maintenance shops, manufacturing and construction, emergency services, energy and chemical processing plants, off-road equipment service vehicles and resources and other locations that do not allow electrical or pneumatic tools.

This device compactly integrates its hydraulics into one tool, so workers do not have to carry around multiple hydraulic components.

The tool will fit into tight spaces and can be operated in any position.

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