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A battery-management system that manages change-and-charge operations for warehouse-truck batteries has been installed by Ventura Network at its distribution centre at Wath on Dearne.

The installation is designed to optimise the performance of Ventura’s warehouse-truck fleet over the entire five-year contract, minimise energy consumption and provide the company with flexibility to adapt its operations in line with business requirements.

Enersys supplied 80 of its high-performance Perfect Plus batteries that offer extended work cycles between charges for the order pickers.

Charging is achieved using Powertech high-frequency chargers that are up to 20 per cent more efficient than traditional 50Hz units, according to the company Powertech automatically detects the battery’s level of discharge and supplies only the amount of power needed to restore full charge.

When a truck needs a fresh battery, it pulls up alongside the area where a large overhead screen indicates the position and identity of the next available unit.

The Enersys management system ensures batteries are allocated in strict rotation so that the best available unit – the one which has been in a fully charged condition the longest – is always used.

Battery utilisation is spread more evenly so that none gets heavier usage than the others.

If a truck operator takes the wrong battery, a loud alarm sounds.

Battery changes are completed manually by rolling the depleted battery from the truck onto a rail-mounted carriage that runs in front of the charging positions for transfer to a free position.

The correct, fully-charged battery is then taken to the truck using the same carriage.

The two extra charging positions ensure there is always a free location for the depleted battery before the fully charged unit is retrieved.

The separate charge-and-change area used by the larger trucks operating on the mezzanine uses an identical management system, with similar batteries and chargers from the Enersys range.

Instead of a dedicated display panel, this area relies on the system’s own management screen to indicate the next available battery.

Additional chargers and battery positions can be added easily by extending the frames and connecting the devices using bus bars.

Enersys Motive Power

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