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Enersys has introduced the Powertech IQ high-frequency (HF) charger that offers high efficiency and wireless communication.

Designed to facilitate lower electricity costs through improved efficiency and a lower charging factor, Powertech IQ chargers are fully programmable.

Powertech IQ HF chargers have a real-time clock that allows charging operations to be programmed exactly to take into account off-peak electricity tariffs.

Equalisation charge can be started when convenient and real dates are programmed for each event.

Wireless communication between the charger and battery is enabled by a WI-IQ wireless battery monitor fitted to the main DC cable of the battery.

Information on charge, temperature and voltage can be uploaded wirelessly to a PC for data analysis.

A USB port is positioned on the front panel of the Powertech IQ charger for data upload and download.

An Ethernet port to provide remote diagnostics is available as an option to enable remote management of a charger fleet, and when connected to a network provides access to charging management on a global scale.

Charge level is indicated by colour-changing display panels and the charger menu can be programmed by the user.

Automatic charge optimisation is made by the charger according to the battery’s temperature, capacity and technology.

This occurs throughout the charge period to compensate for any current loss in the DC cables.

The wide LCD display delivers real-time information on the charging process and events.

Five different coloured backlights indicate the different states of charge or function.

The Powertech IQ charger will even interrupt the charge if excessive temperatures occur and charge will not commence if a defined percentage discharge is not reached.

Enersys has engineered improved safety into Powertech IQ chargers by providing arc-less connection and disconnection.

This range of smart HF chargers combines all the existing features of HF technology as well as new features and a compact wall-mounted design to save floor space.

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