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Enfield Technologies has introduced its C2 proportional system controller with features designed for ease of use.

The C2 has been developed to work with Enfield Technologies’ high-speed proportional pneumatic valves in a variety of applications, including intermediate positioning of air cylinders, precision pressure regulation, variable flow control, and precision force control.

The C2 can be used to control non-pneumatic devices such as voice-coil actuators and linear electric drives, or as a stand-alone advanced PID controller for test and measurement or research and development applications.

‘Our team has developed a creative digital-analogue hybrid system that achieves a 40 per cent increase in driver power efficiency,’ said president Ed Howe.

The C2 eliminates screwdriver adjustments with a backlit graphic LCD and membrane keypad to access menus to configure and tune the system.

The closed-loop control electronics use a flexible proportional-integral-derivative plus feed-forward (PID+FF) scheme with sophisticated valve management circuitry, including a dead-band eliminator that improves overall system performance, said Enfield.

Configuration settings include independent scaling of command and feedback signals; command ramp rates; electronic valve offset; and the ability to save and recall up to 10 gain configurations.

The C2 proportional system controller is available with and without a built-in valve driver to meet application requirements in factory automation, medical devices, laboratory instrumentation and animatronics or robotics.

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