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The Engel Flomo is a temperature control and water distribution device that is ideal for the permanent monitoring of cooling and temperature control circuits on injection-moulding machines and moulds.

The small, manually configurable distribution system features electronic monitoring and can be mounted in close proximity to the mould, thus minimising heat loss thanks to short hose runs.

Engel claims that, as the system works electronically, it is an economic alternative to legacy, maintenance-intensive cooling water batteries with inspection glasses.

Water is fed in from the water supply through a central inlet or from a temperature control device on the manifold, where the feed pressure and temperature are measured.

The temperature measurement serves to check that the temperature control device and/or cooling system are working properly.

The flow lines are equipped with shut-off valves to allow individual circuits to be deactivated as needed.

The flow rate and temperature of the water exiting the mould directly are measured in the system’s return channels.

The flow rates on any circuit can be set manually using the fine-adjustment regulating valves.

The pressure, temperature and flow rate signals are transferred via an interface to the injection-moulding machine’s control unit where they are displayed graphically and numerically, evaluated and stored for complete documentation.

The Engel Flomo is integrated with the CC 200 control unit on the Engel injection-moulding machine.

In other words, users keep their accustomed control environment rather than needing to learn how to operate the device.

In addition, integration ensures a high level of process safety, as all quality-related parameters, including information directly from the mould, are visible at a glance.

Set values can be defined for the flow rate on the control unit.

If the actual values change – as a result of the soiling of the cooling bores in the mould, for example – the system triggers an alarm.

Leakage monitoring with automatic feed and return line cut-off is available as an option.

Compared with legacy water distributors, this also equates to considerable reductions in maintenance overhead, according to the company.

Two factors contribute to this: first, the system no longer has inspection glasses, which would need to be cleaned at regular intervals; and, second, the new distributors use vortex sensors that have no moving parts or water filters.

This sensor type relies on an impediment in the measuring line to artificially create a vortex.

Depending on the water flow volume, this creates pressure impulses that are converted by the sensor into a measuring signal proportional to the flow.

Vortex sensors are more resilient to soiling than legacy turbine flowmeters and this removes the need for water filters.

This results in lower pressure loss on the system.

The Engel Flomo system is currently available as a 4x and 6x module; if needed, multiple modules can be fitted in parallel.

The modules are suitable for temperatures up to +95C and flow rates of between 1 litre per minute and 15 litres per minute or between 2 litres per minute and 40 litres per minute.

Measuring 280 x 240 x 134mm or 380 x 240 x 134mm, these distributors can be mounted directly on the mould mounting platen next to the mould.

This reduces the piping overhead and thus the heat loss.

Integrated shut-off valves on the flow line and fine-adjustment regulating valves on the return line are included as standard equipment.

Mobile displays are optionally available for the distributor systems, thus boosting efficiency in larger machine farms.

The display helps the machine operator during the manual adjustment of the distributor on site, as it can be located at any position on the injection-moulding machine.

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