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Engis UK has launched a development in bore finishing tooling that will enable customers to carry out bore finishing operations on standard vertical and horizontal CNC equipment.

The design of the tooling has overcome the issues previously caused by lack of machining height within many machining centres.

It has also removed the need for floating tool holders and adaptors, enabling the bore finishing tools to be held directly in the machining centre tool holders, while still providing the required high-accuracy geometry – roundness to within one micron, and surface finish – up to 0.2 micron Ra, demanded of bore finishing operations.

Using the flexible tooling system, the first tool passes through the bore with a single in and out stroke movement and its place is then taken by the following preset, single pass tool.

The number of tools used in any application varies depending upon the amount of stock to be removed, the surface finish and geometry required and the material make up.

Applications that have been found to be particularly suited to this type of tooling include the manufacture of hydraulic valves, aerospace and F1 components, but the flexibility it offers will open up many more opportunities as companies bring low-volume bore finishing tasks in-house.

Each of the Engis preset single-pass bore finishing tools is coated in a single layer of diamond, which is permanently plated onto the tool.

This provides greater diamond exposure, giving faster cutting/stock removal rates and, because the only wear that occurs on the plated tool comes from the diamonds, tool sizes can be held for extremely long periods of time without adjustment.

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