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Boxall and Edmiston acquired Sodick wire-cut and die-sink EDMs, both featuring linear motor technology on the X, Y and Z axes, to help it meet the high demands of the firearms marketplace.

Peter Boxall, a production engineer by trade but with a strong interest in weapons, together with his business partner launched their company Boxall and Edmiston in Shrewsbury in July 2009.

‘We met through a colleague and soon discovered that we shared a burning ambition to make a shotgun to high-quality English standards,’ he said.

‘EDM has been used in our industry for the past 20 years to achieve the high tolerances demanded by many of the mating parts.

‘However, thanks to my background in production engineering, we will be using EDM in different ways to help achieve competitive advantage,’ he added.

Mr Boxall placed Sodi-Tech on a shortlist of three following recommendations from others and good reports in the trade press.

Having seen the Sodick machines in action and the technology explained, Boxall and Edmiston decided they had the advantage over their competitors.

The company duly acquired a Sodick AQ327L wire-cut EDM and a Sodick AQ35L die-sink EDM, both featuring linear motor technology on the X, Y and Z axes.

The Sodick AQ35L is pitched as the fastest high-precision die-sink EDM available on the market.

It features high-accuracy positioning to all axes, aided by Sodick Motion Control (SMC) for optimal spark gaps.

High-speed machining is boosted by the machine’s continuous production unit (CPU) and the ability to create cavities without the need for flushing.

The EDM strategy at Boxall and Edmiston is to wire cut the male shotgun components and die sink the mating female parts.

‘The Sodick machines have already demonstrated that we can do this knowing that the size and finish will be good,’ said Mr Boxall.

‘Typically we are looking to achieve tolerances of +/-0.01mm, predominantly in medium- and high-carbon steels,’ he added.

The shotguns manufactured by Boxall and Edmiston will be high-end models that the company aims to sell at trade shows.

Even small quantities year will be deemed ‘volume’ as the firm seeks to establish itself in the marketplace.

At present, the company has just completed its first shotgun, which was successfully launched at the CLA Game Fair 2010 that took place in Warwickshire at the end of July.

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