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Entech has announced that it will be demonstrating the SPZ Metal Moulding process at Southern Manufacturing 2011.

SPZ stands for Super Plastic Zinc, which is currently used to produce components from 30 to 600mm square, with material thickness from 0.8 to 3.0mm.

The finished components often look similar to a pressing, but only the female side of the die-set is required.

This not only makes it cheaper but also eliminates the time-consuming fitting of a conventional die-set.

Unlike a pressing, the top edge of the tool can have an inward return.

This can be a useful location feature.

The process starts by trimming a blank that is clamped in a press over a mould tool.

The blank is then heated and ‘blown’ into the tool.

Once set in shape, the blank is lifted out then allowed to cool.

Finally, the cooled moulding is trimmed and machined to create the finished component.

Southern Manufacturing and Electronics Show

The Southern Manufacturing & Electronics Show is the South’s top industrial business event. The show concentrates virtually every aspect of manufacturing and industrial activity into a single, easily accessible venue. This makes it possible for visitors to experience an extraordinary range of suppliers and technologies in a single visit. Entry and car parking is free, and FIVE is easily accessible by road or public transport.

Southern Manufacturing & Electronics 2011 takes place on February 16th and 17th, at FIVE, Farnborough – right next to Farnborough Airport. Another 750 square meters of exhibition space has been added to the venue for 2011 and the number of companies taking part is expected to exceed 600, making it the largest event ever staged.  

In addition to the huge variety of hardware on display, the show hosts an extremely popular free technical seminar programme. Running over both days and in two theatres, the seminars cover a wide range of topics that are highly relevant to anyone involved in engineering-related business. Sessions will include designing for commercial success, team management, CE marking, the latest developments in additive manufacture, Lean/Six Sigma and many others. Full details can be found on the show website.

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