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Southco Marine has introduced a range of entry door locks incorporating its high-end Star-Lock security system, which is designed to be robust and stylish for sail, motor boat and yacht applications.

All three options, the Star Sailor, L Star and Single Star, are constructed to marine grade and built around the Star Lock system lockbox, featuring an active-locking deadbolt with an upturned hook mechanism to prevent door liftoff.

Claimed to be versatile, streamlined and secure, these key-actuated locks are designed to help designers of upscale sailing and motor boats and yachts provide greater consistency in hardware aesthetics and performance across multiple locations within each boat.

Each delivers the security of Southco’s three-axis security with pins at 0deg, 180deg and 270deg positions.

According to Southco, this enables the locks to offer three times the number of pin tumblers in the same axial distance as a traditional disc tumbler lock, making them inherently more secure than disc tumbler locks and enabling them to provide that added security in a lock plug that fits standard doorframes.

In addition, each is offered with the ergonomic comfort of keys with moulded nonslip contour grips for easier operation.

The Star Sailor is a stainless-steel deck latch designed for use in sail boats, for applications such as swinging and sliding doors, bi-fold doors, washboard doors, hatches and companionway drop-in panels.

The L Star, featuring an edge-mount lock format, provides Star-Lock security for bi-fold doors, engine access hatches, crew cabin access and wood or acrylic washboard entryway doors (up to 15deg from perpendicular), which are popular on sailboats.

A variety of decor options include diamond brass, polished chrome and satin finishes.

The Single Star entry door lock provides the flexibility of a deadbolt that can be installed alone, or combined with another latch mechanism for cabin doors, washboard doors and other door security.

Its mortise-mounted design leaves only the keyhole fixture visible on the door front and the privacy knob on the back.

Southco offers a broad range of latching solutions including locks, latches, hinges, handles and fasteners.  Southco´s distinctive human touch point solutions are important components of products that people interact with. They ensure a positive first impression while never overlooking the importance of optimum safety and secure operations.

For over 100 years, Southco has helped customers solve and overcome engineering challenges and our passion, vision and focus today is to help customers differentiate their products´ engineered touch points.

Southco is a leading global supplier with more than 2000 employees in over 20 countries, together with sales, distribution, engineering and customer service centers in over 30 countries. Southco can support you wherever you are in the world.

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