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Enviro Technology, an air quality monitoring specialist, has launched a number of solutions to help local authorities stretch their Defra budget allocation and enhance performance.

The objective is to enable the more cost-effective upgrade of equipment and investment in service contracts to ensure compliant monitoring now and in the future.

Packages include part exchange for dust monitors and API gas analysers, ‘new-for-old’ deals and flexible leasing arrangements surrounding the supply and maintenance of equipment.

Duncan Mounsor, sales and marketing director at Enviro Technology, said: ‘Local authorities need to strike a fine balance to get the best possible air quality monitoring with the budget available.

‘This can be a complex process that requires an understanding of the total life cost of equipment, as well as the initial spend.

‘Our aim is to work in partnership with local authorities to optimise monitoring and maximise the benefit of every penny invested,’ he added.

Enviro Technology has devised five packages to help make Defra budgets for air quality monitoring go further.

Under the first of these, customers can buy any gas or particulate analyser with a three-year service contract and get the first year free.

Customers are also being offered 35 per cent off a new, fully approved BAM1020 PM10 or PM2.5 monitor on part exchange with an old, non-approved TEOM.

There is up to 30 per cent off any new MCERTS-approved API gas analyser (NOx, SO2, CO or O3) on part exchange with an old analyser (of any brand).

Customers can also buy a fully inclusive five-year service and maintenance contract and receive new-for-old analysers (subject to agreement).

Lastly, Envirolease provides flexible options that include the supply of equipment, operation, maintenance and data collection/reporting, typically on a five-year, fixed-term contract.

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