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Specialist Hires, trading as Envirogard, is reaping the benefits of streamlined operations with enhanced communication and up-to-the-minute stock control thanks to the implementation of an online workflow management system supplied by T Cards Online.

Envirogard hires equipment to industrial contractors who are providing services in areas such as waste management, land remediation, pollution control, cleansing, demolition, recycling and management of asbestos. The equipment hired includes ventilation, vacuum and air cleaning units, decontamination and safety showers, test and monitoring equipment and other essential temporary site services.

For more than 20 years, Envirogard had used the manual T Cards system, which works well with each of Envirogard’s six depots, keeping an up-to-date status of the equipment available in stock. However, it wanted a facility whereby each depot could easily and quickly view the status of equipment and stock online for all the other depots without the need for numerous telephone calls between depots. This would mean that any depot could locate an item of equipment that it needed from, say, the nearest depot with availability, and then be able to book this direct with the depot in question. This would enable the depot to be able to say ‘yes’ to more customers, improve utilisation of equipment and ultimately increase profitability.

Envirogard wanted an intuitive system that would be easy for staff to use and available across all depots, ensuring all the relevant information was kept up to date in real time. It chose to invest in the T Cards online system.

During 2013, Envirogard carried out a three-month trial of the new online system at its Ashford depot, running it in parallel with the existing T Cards manual system. This meant the company could check and iron out any issues and fine-tune to its specific requirements, before dispensing with the manual system. After a successful trial period, Envirogard purchased a 10-board/eight-user system, after which its smaller depots were included and brought online, finally adding its Manchester depot later that year.

Key benefits of product application

  • Commenting on Envirogard’s experiences in using the T Cards online system over a six-month period, Gary Sheppard, contracts manager at the company’s Ashford base, said: ‘The new system allows us to see, at a glance, the status of any piece of equipment at any location, so we can reserve the equipment we need in other depots, quickly and easily.’
  • He added: ‘We were able to customise the T Cards fields to suit our application, adding information such as test dates for maintenance, electrical, gas and filtration testing, door codes for our trailer units and so on. Before, when plant and equipment was transferred between depots, we would receive machine record files via the post — now, with the online system, it’s much quicker.’

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