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Demag Cranes and Components has installed a specialist crane system at Enviropower’s energy-from-waste plant in Lancing, West Sussex.

The GBP12.5m renewable-energy facility processes biomass, typically timber and cardboard waste from the construction and demolition industries, for the generation of electricity.

To meet the specific materials-handling operations at Enviropower’s plant, Demag installed a 10t SWL, 13.25m span, double girder grabbing crane.

Mounted on the crane is a wire-rope hoist with a 10cu m bucket grab on a 12.4m hook path.

The system has cross travel speeds of 3-30m/min, long travel speeds of 4-70m/min and hoisting speeds of 1-16m/min.

The crane system is fully automated to permit 24-hour unmanned and uninterrupted operation, with radio remote control also available for manual operation.

The ‘intelligent’ system is programmed to lift biomass from the highest pile of material in the fuel store and deposit it into each of two input feeds, when sensors indicate that the combustors require replenishment.

Many features incorporated in the system design helped to meet the arduous operating environment.

Motors are inverter driven for smooth control of movement and accurate positioning accuracy, reducing the amount of airborne dust in the workplace.

The crane also has thermal protection in all motions, together with IP55-rated enclosures on all motors and panels.

Safety features include overload protection, anti-derailment and slack rope detection.

The Lancing facility processes up to 150 tonnes of biomass per day, with an output capacity of more than 5MW.

Electricity generated at the plant powers all operations at the site.

The surplus energy, which represents about 85 per cent of electricity generated by the facility, is exported to the grid.

The plant incorporates many environmentally friendly initiatives, including high efficiency flue filters, which minimise air pollution from the combustion process.

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