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Eolite Systems has announced that it will release two rod-type lasers – the Octopus and Boreas IR150 – during Photonics West 2010 on 23-28 January.

The Octopus laser is for thin-film scribing and the Boreas IR150 for high-powered cutting and drilling.

Octopus offers up to 16 fibre-delivery channels.

Each beam provides light at 515nm or at 1,030nm with pulse duration as low as 10ns, peak power up to 4kW and repetition rates up to 300kHz.

Each fibre channel (up to 5m long) offers up to 4W at 515nm with good beam quality or up to 30W in a uniform multimode output configuration.

Octopus has been designed to offer a low-cost and easy-to-implement solution for scribing processes of thin-film materials (in particular photovoltaic cells).

Octopus is based on Eolite rod-type laser technology associated to a ‘demux’ fibre architecture enabling independent multi-fibre delivery.

Each channel can be independently power controlled.

The channel fibre delivery will simplify most of optomechanical architectures with a very simple optical device to focus the individual beam on processed targets.

With this laser, integrators can simplify their optical design using all advantages of fibre delivery together with the diffraction limited beam quality of free-space lasers.

Boreas IR150 offers more than 150W at 1,030nm, pulses shorter than 20ns, peak power over 200kW, high repetition rates up to 500kHz, together with an excellent beam quality with M of 1.3.

Boreas lasers are based on a new generation of rod-type fibres designed to provide high-energy pulses together with a very good beam quality.

The single-mode propagation in the fibre insures a polarised diffraction limited beam.

A resonator design produces sub-10ns pulses at repetition rates up to 400kHz.

This laser fulfils the needs of demanding industrial applications seeking for high peak power, high beam quality and very high repetition rate, in order to speed up throughput.

Applications include: deep engraving, material cutting, material texturing, micro-holes or via drilling.

The Boreas IR150 and Octopus industrial laser heads are conductively cooled and temperature-stabilised by a closed-loop water-cooled plate that keeps the laser in a hermetically sealed environment and extends it lifetime.

Fibre-coupled diodes located in the 19in electronic rack can be easily serviced without adjusting the laser head.

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