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Carlo Gavazzi has announced a management and control system targeting small to medium or high-power solar photovoltaic (PV) plants.

The Eos-Array comprises individual modular elements that, when interacting with one another, provide a complete and independent control solution that gathers accurate and dependable data.

The core component is the VMU-M, which performs local bus management of measuring units and I/O modules.

The VMU-M assigns the correct local unit address automatically and gathers all local measurements from the VMU-S and VMU-P, simultaneously connecting with the external world through VMU-O modules.

The Eos-Array has a modular design allowing the control to be scaled up or down according to requirements and budgets.

A single master VMU-M can control 15 Eos modules on its local bus, including up to seven VMU-O I/O modules and one VMU-P unit.

The system has no auxiliary bus wiring and includes integrated string-fuse protection.

String efficiency and inverters are controlled locally, enabling operators to rapidly isolate faults, failures and inefficiencies.

Each VMU-O provides two PV panel temperature inputs and two relay outputs to manage alarms (such as the integrated anti-theft system) and external loads (such as lighting and PV washing systems).

The VMU-S measures DC output from the PV panel.

VMU-P collects relevant environmental data (through external sensors) such as wind speed, air temperature and irradiation.

Eos-Arraysoft can download the Eos-Array system memory to the PC, for scheduled or on-demand plant-efficiency calculations and alarm analysis.

A typical 50kW plant would use one VMU-M unit for data logging and local bus management, ten VMU-S units for string control (50kW total for 228x220W PV panels, 12.5A/400V single string), one VMU-O for I/O management and one VMU-P for environment measurements.

Eos-Arraysoft software is installed in a local PC to provide data collection and historical analysis.

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