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EOS has announced the purchase of one of its Eosint P 800 systems by Royal Plastic.

Royal will use the P 800 to manufacture high-performance thermoplastic products out of EOS’ PEEK HP3 material.

‘Laser-sintered EOS PEEK HP3 components have outstanding heat- and corrosion-resistant properties that make them ideal for aerospace,’ said Bob Evans, area sales manager, Central Region at EOS of North America.

EOS PEEK HP3 is a high-performance polymer that belongs to the group of polyaryletherketones and has a melt point of 372C/702F.

Its material properties include flame and temperature resistance, chemical resistance, high tensile strength, light weight, biocompatibility and sterilisability – properties that make it suitable for aerospace, medical, automotive and industrial applications.

PEEK HP3 from EOS is said to be the only PEEK-type polymer available for laser-sintering.

Royal acquired the Eosint P 800 as part of a project funded by the US Air Force and Navy.

The company has worked with two of the largest air-defence contractors on the project and is adding to existing military guidelines for laser-sintering by developing specifications for PEEK HP3.

Aircraft parts manufactured with the thermoplastic will include ducts for cooling and heating avionics, and clips and brackets for attaching fuel systems or wiring.

Royal will attend SME Rapid 2010 (May 18-20, Anaheim, CA) and will speak about the Eosint P 800 at the show on the Thursday and at EOS’ annual North America User Day.

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