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The first US public unveiling of the new Eosint M 280, EOS’ advanced direct metal laser-sintering (DMLS) system will be at the Rapid 2011 show on 24-26 May in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

According to the company, the process and control features of the M 280 complete the evolution of DMLS systems into fully fledged production tools for the economical, batch-size, optimised manufacture of parts at all stages from prototyping through finished product.

The new DMLS equipment expands on the capabilities of the Eosint M 270.

Among the features of the M 280 of particular value for creating end-use parts are a 200 or a 400W solid-state laser for targeted radiation and consistently accurate performance Laser Power Monitoring (LPM) to control the build process and the ability to use either nitrogen or argon-protective atmospheres.

This allows the machine to manufacture in light metals, tooling steel and super alloys that include titanium, aluminum, cobalt chrome and Inconel.

Available options for controlled manufacturing, such as Part Property Profiles for standardised production and Integrated Process Chain Management modules, can be added to the M 280 at any time.

In addition to introducing a DMLS system that is focused on the needs of manufacturers, EOS is also exhibiting recently developed metal and plastic materials for specialised industrial uses.

EOS Nickelalloy IN625 offers high tensile strength, high processability and good corrosion resistance, making it suitable for use in aerospace, chemical, motor sport and marine industry applications.

Primepart FR (PA 2241 FR) is flame retardant and particularly suitable for aerospace.

Based on PA 12 polyamide, it has an 11 per cent elongation at break – significantly higher than its predecessor, PA 2210FR.

It also has a lower refresh rate (ratio of new to reused powder), offering cost savings and environmental benefits.

The flexible Primepart ST (PEBA) elastomeric polyether block amide offers customisable mechanical properties.

Different laser-exposure strategies can be used to create either hard or soft components.

Primepart ST has a good refresh rate, making it an environmentally favourable alternative to other flexible materials for laser-sintering.

With this plastic, previously impossible laser-sintered applications, such as flexible fasteners, seals or buffers are possible.

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