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EOS has introduced the EOSINT P 800 plastic laser sintering machine, which can produce components from high performance polymer powders at temperatures up to 385C.

These polymers are suited to aerospace, motorsport and medical applications that require flame retardant, biocompatible and easily sterilised materials.

The new EOS polymer powder, PEEK HP3, a material from the polyaryl ether ketone family, is the first to be introduced for processing in the EOSINT P 800.

The polymer, produced in accordance with ISO 9001, has a tensile strength of up to 95 MPa and a Young’s modulus of up to 4400 MPa.

Components made from the material can be operated continuously at temperatures between 180 and 260C, depending on application, and fire retardancy conforms to UL 94-V0.

Exact physical replicas of a CAD model are created by cutting it horizontally into fine slices, typically 0.12mm thick, and building the components layer by layer in the P 800’s sealed nitrogen-filled chamber.

Two 50W CO2 lasers fuse the powder where plastic is required.

The remaining unfused powder falls away as the completed part is removed.

The machine is based on the existing EOSINT P 730, but new modules have been added, such as the process chamber and exchangeable frame.

Heating and cooling have been parameterised because of the larger temperature range to be bridged.

Online laser power-control measures in real time the output power of the lasers and affects closed loop control.

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