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Epiphan Systems has announced the general availability of a video source capture unit that enables real-time broadcast of a DVI or VGA video source and audio over a local area network or the internet.

The latest version of VGA Broadcaster Lite is a portable, standalone video-to-internet broadcast appliance with a wide range of uses and applications.

For conference organisers, the product enables broadcasting of events to remote audiences.

Sales and marketing teams can use VGA Broadcaster Lite for webinars and webcasting, training and live demonstrations.

It is also suitable for remote presentations and in customer support applications.

The product can assists individuals coping with visual and/or hearing difficulties by streaming signals to their laptop computers where images can be magnified and audio amplified.

Live video content complements Skype or SIP audio conferences and video conferencing systems, allowing users to share presentations, multimedia videos or screen shots.

The system can transmit images from medical diagnostic equipment, document cameras, air traffic control panels and factory sensors.

Presenters can broadcast split streams of video with on-the-fly audio dubbing of simultaneous language translation to multiple attendees.

Broadcaster Lite functions with any operating system, applications or equipment that provides a DVI or VGA output.

Viewers can log in to the presentation’s URL with a compatible browser or media player.

Broadcaster Lite does not interfere with the presenter’s software application or PC performance.

No modification of source equipment is needed; only simple video/audio cable connections are used.

Using motion MPEG4, MJPEG and H.264/Adobe Flash video compression, VGA Broadcaster Lite captures, encodes compresses and transfers the original VGA or DVI video source.

It will broadcast a DVI or VGA video source and synchronise an audio source over a LAN or the internet at a rate of up to 30 frames per second.

The product transmits computer generated images (for example, slides, video, ultrasound, documents, spreadsheets and so on) and effectively eliminates the need for a video conference document camera.

Presenters using Broadcaster Lite do not require access to the private network, nor does presentation material need to be transmitted through a third-party hosted service or email systems.

The presentation can be password protected and the video stream can be routed to participants over multicast, unicast, content distribution networks and/or dedicated secure VPN circuits.

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