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Eplan Pro Panel allows the definition of a virtual 3D prototype of the mounting layout independently of the electrical or fluid schematic, according to Rittal.

Mounting panels, housings or enclosures can be dimensioned optimally so that the costs are reduced.

Consistent data for all the participating engineering disciplines ensure that the workflow towards the production is also efficient.

Eplan Pro Panel is also said to provide added value to the complete engineering process.

Designing on the basis of the Eplan platform is supported fully in both electrical and fluid engineering.

This applies to mounting panels that are planned with Eplan Electric P8 as well as for hydraulics units designed with Eplan Fluid.

Attrition losses through data conversion between the disciplines are no longer an issue.

The optional Pro Panel module offers all the functions for equipping mounting panels or for defining power units and valve blocks on the basis of the systems of the Eplan platform.

Standard-compliant mounting layout and production drawings are easy to realise using associative model views and the many possibilities of the Eplan platform.

Changes in the 3D mounting layout are naturally taken into consideration in the corresponding model views and legends.

In the course of mounting layout all the devices used in the schematic, or in the parts pre-selection, are displayed in a list or tree structure.

When placing elements, the system checks whether the placement is on the correct mounting panel.

This immediately indicates which items from the schematic have yet to be placed on the mounting panel.

The 3D mounting layout can optionally be the leading factor or it can be equipped correctly from the schematic.

Placing of the components using the Eplan Etouch technology is simple, according to Rittal.

Provision of designing aids is important for the correct implementation of the mounting layout and a guarantee for higher planning reliability in the product engineering process.

Eplan Pro Panel is designed to operate within manufacturer specifications and facilitates an exact position check of devices, wire ducts and mounting rails.

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