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Eplan unveiled the Eplan Electric P8 2.0 electrical controls design software in a beta version – ideal for point wiring, active device protection and channel-oriented PLC design – at the Hanover Fair.

The quality of all documentation is guaranteed by active check functions and the system automatically prevents incorrect data from being entered.

With the new ‘protected device’ function, all project parts are retained, even in the case of graphic delete commands.

The active protection of project data is freely defined in the part definitions in the Eplan platform.

The new Machinery Directive requirement for reliable, understandable project documentation is implemented in a practical way.

Addresses are central identifiers, even in PLC design, which is found in all automation concepts.

In addition to address-oriented or DT working methods, PLC components can also be designed in a channel-oriented manner, making it easier to keep track of large projects, and is consistent with current high-end design working methods.

Using the additional ‘Netbased Wiring’ model, a new approach to wiring enables the definition of detailed connections within a network at database level, irrespective of the graphical representation.

In the schematic, logical point wiring instead of target wiring will be shown with the advantage that both working methods – net-based wiring and target-oriented wiring – can be used in the project to suit the best working method for high efficiency.

Extended computer-aided-design (CAD) functions in the area of free graphics now ensure clear production specifications.

Trimming and chamfering as well as perpendicular and tangential design are some of the functions that support detailed representations for mechanical production.

To place graphical objects, XY co-ordinates can now be directly entered in Eplan Electric P8 for the creation of operators’ desktops with all the information needed for trouble-free production.

This saves engineering time and speeds up enclosure construction, according to the company.

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