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The topology used in Ericsson Power Modules’ PKM4116ND quarter-brick DC/DC converter for radio applications has been optimised to reduce the number of components and reduce power losses.

The PKM4116ND is an industry standard quarter-brick product and is 100 per cent pin-to-pin compatible with similar products in the market.

It is primarily designed to power radio applications and is optimised for the new generation of micro cell transmitters requiring a 100W power module with the flexibility to adjust its output voltage within the range 23.8V to 32.8V.

The main application area addressed by the PKM416ND is in radio frequency power amplifier (RFPA) and other applications requiring isolation from the 48V system bus voltage, and offering a stable output voltage in a range of 24V to 30V.

This product is also suitable for small systems remote-feeding power architectures such as indoor Wi-Fi transmitters.

Further optimised for RFPA, the PKM4116ND can be deployed in sealed box applications with its heat-sink fixed directly to the host equipment chassis.

Using Ericsson’s thermal optimisation technology, the PKM4116ND’s layout has been optimised to distribute the major heat-dissipating components, eliminating hot spots and improving cooling through natural thermal conduction from board to cold plate.

Therefore, cooling through its optional baseplate or through a thermal pad applied between the PKM4116ND board and the equipment chassis is easily facilitated.

This feature, combined with low power losses resulting from a high-efficiency topology give the PKM4116ND a high quality and reliability level when used in sealed-box or in other applications or conditions where natural convection cooling is the only way to dissipate power.

The device’s switching and control stages are based on a primary half-bridge and a secondary side full-bridge topology and duty-cycle optimised at 30V, guaranteeing good efficiency across the overall output voltage range.

With an input voltage range of 36V to 75V, the PKM4116ND includes operational protection such as over-temperature, output overvoltage, output short-circuit, and input under-voltage shutdown.

Output current capacity is 3.3A.

Remote control is possible and the device offers an input-to-output isolation figure of 1,500VDC.

The device is RoHS compliant and according to Telcordia SR332, issue one, black box technique, the PKM4116ND has a predicted mean-time before failure of 1.06 million hours.

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