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The BMR451 from Ericsson Power Modules is a digitally controlled, non-isolated voltage regulator rated at 40A.

Featuring a high current density of 7.90A/cm3 (129A/in3), it is the second digitally controlled POL regulator from the company, following on from the recently released 20A rated BMR450.

The BMR451 suits a wide range of applications in information communication and technologies.

It is also suited to applications being upgraded to reduce energy consumption, and/or migrating from passive energy monitoring to active energy management and control.

Due to its high power density and low profile (less than 8.5mm), the BMR451 is a product for any application were board space and good thermal performance are crucial.

Factors driving the need for this type of product are the reduction of energy consumption by improving product efficiency, but also the requirement by designers to permanently access strategic data from all of the power chain, from the front-end rectifier to point-of-load.

Compared to existing products, Ericsson’s BMR451 offers a high level of monitoring functions (read-back data) through the open standard interface, PMBus.

For designers and system architects, having access through PMBus to strategic information makes it possible to monitor down to core functions level, without adding external components or circuitry.

System architects now have the possibility to monitor, through the power delivered to each voltage regulator, how low level functions perform.

The PMBus read-mode compliant BMR451 measures 30.85 x 20 x 8.2mm (1.215 x 0.787 x 0.323in), offers a 4.5V to 14V input voltage range, a 0.6V to 3.6V output voltage range and an MTBF figure of 2.6 million hours.

Through hole and surface mount versions are available.

The BMR451 also features a complete range of standard functions such as remote on/off, over-temperature protection, output over-current/over-voltage protection, input under-voltage protection, and remote control monitoring that can be used for redundancy control.

The BMR451 has a unique serial number that relates to its chipset.

This offers traceability, as well as simplifying on-board part identification when performing board diagnostics during the full lifetime of the final equipment.

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