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Ericsson Power Modules has introduced a surface-mount version of its 380W PKM4000B module with an input voltage of 36 to 75V and an output of 12V/33A.

The PKM4000B SI is able to carry high current while keeping interconnection-resistance very low and maintaining a robust mechanical termination.

Prime customers are those using information and telecommunication technologies such as datacentres, routers and telecom equipment.

Other users who will benefit include those who need to power their application from a 48V line and require a high-efficiency, intermediate bus voltage of 12V – specifically those requiring high-density boards with surface-mount components only.

The PKM4000B SI footprint is a standard quarter brick and is 100 per cent compatible with similar products available on the market.

With a typical efficiency of 96 per cent at half load and 48V input, this product contributes to reduce overall power consumption.

Ericsson’s Floated Inserted Pin (FIP) technology guarantees high co-planarity and a wide soldering surface, reducing contact resistance to a minimum.

The module includes operational protection for over temperature protection (OTP), output over voltage protection (OVP) and output short-circuit protection.

Additionally, optional latching OTP and OVP are available on request.

With a maximum height of 11.2mm, the PKM4000B SI is compatible with reduced board-space applications or cold-wall equipments requiring low height.

Calculated at full power at 40C, the PKM4000B SI has an MTBF of 1.1 million hours.

As part of Ericsson’s designed for manufacturing (DFM) process, the FIP concept takes into consideration the entire process, from manufacturing to final assembly by the customer.

The layout of the products has been carefully optimised to facilitate pick and place, simplifying manufacturing operations.

The modules’ FIP concept ensures that all the connecting pins remain in place and are aligned during second or third reflow soldering.

The pins are also manufactured with very tight tolerances, guaranteeing co-planarity and mechanical accuracy.

Ericsson Power Modules’ FIP concept is based on very accurately tooled pins that are inserted and aligned during the original assembly process.

When a PKM4000B SI module is assembled on the final board, during lead-free soldering reflow, the pins remain aligned in the plated through-hole of the PKM4000B SI and self-adjust to guarantee excellent interconnection between the two solder pads.

This ensures high reliability and host equipment availability.

To reduce conducted and switching losses, the PKM4000B is built on a high-copper-density PCB using low-resistive MOSFETs and its use of large-contact-area proprietary FIP technology reduces interconnection losses when the module is connected to end users’ boards.

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