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Eriez Europe has launched Atex-rated permanent suspended magnets and Metalarm metal detectors suitable for operation in some explosion-risk or hazardous environments.

This development expands the product range, providing companies with solutions for metal contamination problems in the most arduous of environments.

In 1996, new European regulations were introduced for equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres; referred to as Atex 95 (EU directive 94/9/EC).

This legislation laid down specific requirements for equipment used in potentially explosive environments resulting from the presence of explosive gases and combustible dust.

Eriez was recently contacted by company Christian Pfeiffer Maschinenfabrik of Liezen, Austria, with a request for metal separation and detection equipment for installation in a cement plant.

The presence of accidental or tramp metal contamination is a common problem in cement plants and can cause serious damage to crushing equipment.

Effective removal and detection is vital to maintain productivity.

Eriez suspended magnets are used initially to remove any ferrous contamination from the product; an Eriez Metalarm metal detector then detects and alerts the customer to the presence of any non-magnetic metals, including manganese and stainless steel.

At the proposed installation location for this equipment the Atex rating was 22 (Dust).

This meant that there would be a potentially explosive atmosphere arising from the presence of combustible dust, although this was not expected to occur in normal operating conditions and/or would only occur infrequently and for short periods.

Any equipment being installed on the site had to comply with this Atex specification.

To make the application even more challenging, the equipment for the site also had to be suitable for an ambient working temperature of down to -30C.

For the application, Eriez supplied a model CP20/80 self-cleaning suspended permanent magnet and a model Metalarm QM3500 BR metal detector, both certified as compliant with the requirements of equipment for installation in an Atex 22 (Dust) environment and for operation in a low ambient temperature.

The combination of the suspended magnet and metal detector is suitable for protecting process equipment from tramp metal damage and thus saving the customer production losses due to downtime and with costly repair expense.

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