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Eriez Magnetics will showcase its latest separator systems for ferrous and non-ferrous metal recovery at the REW event in Turkey on 8-11 June 2011.

The company recently designed and developed a range of separators utilising magnetic principles.

At REW, it will show its new RevX-ETM eddy-current separator, which incorporates an eccentric magnetic rotor to allow a single point of separation – different to the usual concentric design.

The RevX-ETM is suitable for purifying cullet and plastics as well as recovered valuable metal from secondary metals and incineration ash – especially the separation of small particles.

The new Eccentric ECS will be fully operational at the show and available for testing.

Also on display at REW will be a self-cleaning version of the Model TP suspended permanent magnet.

The Eriez TP magnet is robust, requires minimal maintenance, is simple to install and operate and is very versatile, according to the company.

The twin-pole magnet is designed for the removal of long, thin, sharp metals such as nails, making it suitable for recycled wood applications.

Along with magnetic separators and metal sorting equipment, Eriez also designs and manufactures metal detectors to detect ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

The E-Z Tec9100 combines balanced coil technology with a pneumatic reject system, ensuring the detection and rejection of sub-millimetre metal contaminants from free-falling material.

It is particularly suitable for recycled plastics and rubbers.

On Stand A-11, the E-Z Tec 9100 will be incorporated into a metal separation unit consisting of an Eriez vibratory feeder that feeds material into a Prograde magnetic grate to remove fine ferrous particles and then into the E-Z Tec 9100 to reject the remainder of the metal contaminants.

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