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Eriez Magnetics has introduced a metal-recovery system that enables fine-particle metal reclamation.

The Finessort system is designed to help scrap processors to increase profitability by recovering materials measuring less than 25mm in diameter, thus reducing the amount sent to landfill.

The two-stage system incorporates a rare-earth permanent magnetic drum with a ferrite permanent magnetic drum in the first stage and an eddy-current separator in the second stage.

The Finessort system can be supplied separately or as a complete unit and is available in 1m, 1.2m and 1.5m feed widths and with throughputs from two tonnes per hour.

Metal recovery process

  • In the first stage, the shredder residue is fed onto a 300mm-diameter rare-earth radial permanent magnetic drum to remove all ferrous metals.
  • In turn, the ferrous metals and entrapped non-metallic metals are diverted onto a 300mm-diameter ferrite radial permanent magnetic drum to separate the highly magnetic material from weakly magnetic material.
  • The waste stream produced from the first stage, which often contains valuable smaller non-ferrous metals that would normally end up in landfill, is fed to the second stage.
  • Stage two utilises either a RevX-E ST or a RevX ST eddy-current separator to process and sort the non-ferrous metals from the non-metallic waste stream; this is done by using a strong metallic rotor that revolves at high speeds inside a non-magnetic shell.
  • A conveyor belt transports material into the revolving field where eddy currents are generated in the non-ferrous metals, causing the particles to repel away from the rotating magnetic fields.

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