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HK Technologies is offering the Erix automatic back spot-facing chamfer tools, which consist of a spindle with a single cutter or wing.

This folds into a recess in the spindle to allow the tool to pass through a bore in the work piece, after which the direction of rotation is reversed and the wing extends, allowing the back of the bore to be machined.

Erix claims the tool cuts processing time by 60 to 90 per cent compared with conventional back spot-facing chamfering methods.

Smaller sizes of tools have an HSS wing with an integrated cutting surface.

For larger tools, the wing carries an ISO insert.

The tool is rotated anti-clockwise at the recommended speed (which varies depending on the diameter) with rapid feed, until the wing is a few millimetres from the work piece.

Feed rate is then reduced to 0.2mm/revolution until the wing has folded into the spindle recess, after which rapid feed can be continued until the wing is through the bore and swings free.

Rotation and feed direction are then reversed to spot-face, chamfer or deburr the back of the bore.

When machining is completed, forward feed is resumed until the wing is just free of the bore.

Resuming anti-clockwise rotation causes it to fold back into the spindle recess so the tool can be withdrawn from the bore.

Large tools run at low speeds and when operating horizontally the centrifugal force acting on the wing is not sufficient to hold it in the correct working position.

For tools with diameters greater than 30mm, the wing has a guide tang that solves this problem.

Erix offers semi-standard and standard and speciality spindle and wings for a variety of applications including bores up to 200mm diameter.

Tools can be customised.

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