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IQMS has released the latest version of its EnterpriseIQ ERP software, which utilises the Web 2.0 IQMS Community Server collaboration portal as the main catalyst for development changes.

EnterpriseIQ 7.7 with Community Server allows all IQMS customers to contribute development ideas and to comment on ideas of others to help drive the system forward.

This collaborative method streamlines the development process and allows IQMS to deliver customer-driven changes more quickly.

EnterpriseIQ 7.7 features more than 400 enhancements, across all areas of the extended manufacturing ERP package, including quality management, SPC, shop floor integration, CRM, scheduling, process costing, human resources and more.

As EnterpriseIQ doesn’t rely on any third-party applications or integration partners, the upgrade process for IQMS customers is easier.

Enhancements in the ERP software include an employee portal to allow employees to update information such as address, emergency contact information, dependent and withholding changes.

Archive functionality has been broadened to include detailed time segments and specifics.

Embedded workflow has enhanced approval and reviewer capabilities for easy modification.

An expense tracking module incorporates employee records, accounting and payroll to quickly process employee expenses.

Costing analytics provide greater control over profitability analysis.

Automatic email alerts based on ASQ SPC rules offer real-time data collection.

Advanced scheduling process throughput algorithms with graphical mapping allow optimisation of tote/batch size and move times between unlimited operations.

A dashboard library has been included within Smart Page to provide information and metrics by specific business area.

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