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The Dilas Compact high-power laser diode system, available from ES Technology, can be used to bond plastics in applications such as automotive, electronics, medical device manufacturing and food packaging.

Used in conjunction with a Dilas Compact system, a pyrometer offers the advantage of contactless temperature measurement coupled with quick and precise adjustability.

This closed-loop control system keeps the melt at a constant temperature, avoiding any overheating during the welding process.

Temperature signals can be displayed graphically within a defined process window, which in turn allows any parts where the temperature has exceeded the preset limits to be automatically rejected.

Dilas offers this option in conjunction with galvo scanners, which incorporate a colour-corrected f-Theta lens.

Further information

  • Laser welding is said to be particularly suitable for welding delicate or sensitive assemblies.
  • With lasers, there is no need for any pre-treatment of the surfaces as would be the case with adhesives.
  • There are minimal mechanical and thermal stresses when compared with friction or vibration welding.
  • In addition to standard wavelengths for transmission welding, Dilas also offers systems at 1,940nm.
  • The Compact diode laser system is available in a standard 19in (48cm) format.
  • It allows the integration of various diode laser modules with output powers up to 500W, with a standardised interface and footprint.
  • A range of accessories, including processing optics at various focal lengths, homogenous beam profiles and scanner heads, are available.
  • The optional pyrometer makes the system suitable for laser-based plastics welding.

ES Technology Ltd is an Oxford company with a 22 year history of manufacturing laser-based manufacturing equipment and providing a range of associated services and products. Our four business units are. Design and build of special purpose laser systems. We use a range of industrial lasers to provide customers with turnkey machines for laser marking, cutting and welding.Systems incorporate handling such as robot, conveyor or bowl-feed; motion and control elements such as XY/rotary tables and of course the appropriate laser and beam delivery for the job.Control is via PC/PLC and dedicated front-end software provides the human interface and integrates barcode readers, vision, etc as required. Laser jobshop.We use 10 laser systems to provide laser marking on a subcontract basis on plastic, metal, ceramic or wood.Products and components receive logos, serial numbers, barcodes and other functional marks.We also perform fine metal cutting and microperforating services. Distribution of rapid prototyping/rapid manufacturing systems.ES is the exclusive UK distributor of Concept Laser LaserCUSING systems which make parts in titanium, aluminium, stainless or tool steel and inconel directly from 3D CAD designs by additive layer build. Optical components.Laser diodes, safety eyewear and acousto-optic components/wafers are distributed.

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