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The Cooljet Pro, Triplejet and Gridjet oxy-fuel cutting torches from ESAB Cutting Systems are featured in the company’s 12-page guide to oxy-fuel cutting.

The guide provides information on the advantages of the oxy-fuel cutting process.

The Cooljet Pro is suitable for use with all ESAB oxy-fuel cutting machines, bringing advantages such as higher cutting speeds, longer lifetime, and operational safety.

It features the Jetcon nozzle holder, which ensures that the cutting nozzle can be changed quickly and easily without tools, resulting in less downtime.

The nozzle holder is also durable with a long working life, reducing the need for wear parts.

Cooljet Pro has a range of applications, including the ability to cut material thicknesses from 3-300mm in mild steel.

Triplejet allows the cutting of tight contours, flat angles and the smallest radius from 30mm.

It is said to have a robust construction, meaning there is no distortion of the torch under extreme thermal load conditions.

Triplejet is particularly suitable for use in a three-torch bevel unit and can be used for a range of applications, cutting materials with thicknesses from 3-100mm in mild steel.

Its construction from high-grade materials guarantees low maintenance, maximum reliability and reductions in downtime.

Its high temperature resistance saves time-intensive straightening work.

Gridjet is designed to manufacture metal grids fully automatically, precisely and with 100 per cent repeatability.

The advantages for the user are that it can be used cost-effectively in fully automated production processes with uninterrupted cutting of all types of grid contour.

Using conventional manual procedures is no longer necessary.

Gridjet is based upon the two independently adjustable preheating torches and the centrally rotating main cutting torch, which allows the individual generation of grid geometries and uninterrupted cutting.

In combination with ESAB’s Columbus programming system, Vision controls and an integrated technology database, the Gridjet system achieves minimum productivity.

ESAB Cutting Systems

ESAB Cutting Systems is part of the worldwide ESAB Group and has been the leading supplier of profile cutting machines in the UK since its entry into the market nearly 90 years ago. The combination of fast and efficient local sales and service, backed by the resources and experience of the largest cutting machine supplier in the world, offers major advantages to all UK customers.

From its UK head office in Andover, the company markets an unrivalled range of technologically advanced cutting solutions covering high-definition plasma, lasers, oxy-fuel, mechanical routing, control systems, off-line programming software, fume extraction equipment as well as spares and consumables. The company is also renowned for its high quality refurbished machines that provide a highly cost- effective alternative to a new investment.

The worldwide ESAB Cutting Systems organisation is based in Karben near Frankfurt am Main in Germany and is the largest supplier of cutting machines in the world. The company supplies customers in almost every part of the world with technologically advanced solutions.

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