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ESAB Cutting Systems, a provider of machines that meet the requirements of custom fabrication shops through to large production operations, has introduced the Quattrojet oxy-fuel flame cutting system.

Available for use with propane and natural gas and capable of cutting metals from 3mm to 300mm in thickness, the Quattrojet incorporates an integrated height sensor and flame monitor, an integrated ignition system and a quick-change cutting nozzle.

Together, these features are said to ensure a safe cutting environment.

The Quattrojet does not require a separate height sensor to ensure the correct distance between the cutting nozzle and the surface of the metal and there are no unnecessary components around the cutting torch and the nozzle.

The flame monitoring feature ensures that the Quattrojet torch recognises every break in the cutting operation, including, for example, those caused by possible malfunctions on the cutting tool or faults in the material.

This prevents cutting errors as well as the uncontrolled leakages and losses of cutting gas, which could otherwise result in a fire.

The fully integrated automatic internal ignition system means that a conventional external ignition device is unnecessary and results in a compact design for the torch unit.

The internal ignition provides failsafe protection against dirt and mechanical damage.

Time-consuming and cost-intensive cleaning and servicing are no longer required and optimal operating reliability is ensured, according to the company.

The quick change of nozzles can be carried out without tools, resulting in shorter setup times and avoiding accidental change in the position of the torch.

The need for readjustment following the nozzle change is virtually eliminated.

The Quattrojet, with its slim and compact design, delivers smooth operation and high-performance oxy-fuel cutting.

For multi-torch operation, it also enables smaller spaces between the individual torches than conventional models.

Overall, fewer parts mean less wear and a reduction in the wear parts inventory.

ESAB Cutting Systems

ESAB Cutting Systems is part of the worldwide ESAB Group and has been the leading supplier of profile cutting machines in the UK since its entry into the market nearly 90 years ago. The combination of fast and efficient local sales and service, backed by the resources and experience of the largest cutting machine supplier in the world, offers major advantages to all UK customers.

From its UK head office in Andover, the company markets an unrivalled range of technologically advanced cutting solutions covering high-definition plasma, lasers, oxy-fuel, mechanical routing, control systems, off-line programming software, fume extraction equipment as well as spares and consumables. The company is also renowned for its high quality refurbished machines that provide a highly cost- effective alternative to a new investment.

The worldwide ESAB Cutting Systems organisation is based in Karben near Frankfurt am Main in Germany and is the largest supplier of cutting machines in the world. The company supplies customers in almost every part of the world with technologically advanced solutions.

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