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Designed specifically for the sheet metal fabricators and the heating and ventilation fabricator, the E-Vent plasma machine from ESAB Cutting Systems is suitable for sheet metal and ductwork cutting.

It can be used to plasma cut steel blanks from 0.75mm to 20mm thick with either the ESP 101 Plasmarc or the Powercut 1300 power source.

The latter is designed specifically for material up to 3mm thick, typically used for ductwork and pipeline construction.

For maximum productivity, E-Vent has a fast positioning speed of 30m/min when processing sheet steel.

According to ESAB, component design and flexibility in configuration are two features that will appeal to the fabricator.

The assembled E-Vent machines can be integrated into the production environment.

Cutting table grids are individually configurable in a lateral or longitudinal direction.

The CNC-controlled system is optimised to deliver full performance in the table section beneath the plasma torch, with close control of suction flap opening and closing.

This feature gives both energy and 50 per cent section volume.

Another feature of E-Vent is ‘blank hold down’, which is incorporated into its ESAB PT-37 cutting torch and offers protection from collision damage and dirt.

With the blank pressed down, the constant distance between it and the torch creates precise cuts.

ESAB Cutting Systems

ESAB Cutting Systems is part of the worldwide ESAB Group and has been the leading supplier of profile cutting machines in the UK since its entry into the market nearly 90 years ago. The combination of fast and efficient local sales and service, backed by the resources and experience of the largest cutting machine supplier in the world, offers major advantages to all UK customers.

From its UK head office in Andover, the company markets an unrivalled range of technologically advanced cutting solutions covering high-definition plasma, lasers, oxy-fuel, mechanical routing, control systems, off-line programming software, fume extraction equipment as well as spares and consumables. The company is also renowned for its high quality refurbished machines that provide a highly cost- effective alternative to a new investment.

The worldwide ESAB Cutting Systems organisation is based in Karben near Frankfurt am Main in Germany and is the largest supplier of cutting machines in the world. The company supplies customers in almost every part of the world with technologically advanced solutions.

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