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ESAB if offering the Telbo telescopic boom that requires less floor space than conventional column-and-boom equipment and offers enhanced production flexibility, according to the company.

The Telbo can support large welding heads for high-productivity multi-wire processes utilising DC- and AC-SAW.

A major feature of the Telbo is the unique three-section telescopic boom, the sections of which are synchronised to give smooth travel right from the fully retracted to the fully extended position.

Because it requires less factory space than other column-and-boom equipment, it offers the potential for savings in buildings, heating and lighting.

ESAB offers two standard sizes: the Telbo 6500 has a travel range of 6.5 and 8m maximum reach-out, while the Telbo 9500 has a travel range of 9.5m and a 12m maximum reach-out.

This second version has a boom end loading capacity of 500kg, which is ample for tandem welding heads with front-mounted 100kg wire reels.

Joint tracking can be controlled accurately using a camera on the welding head, with images displayed on a monitor located at the work platform.

Shown for the first time at Schweissen and Schneiden alongside the Telbo was the ESAB EcoCoil 1000kg bulk wire spools that reduce the number of spool changes by a factor of 33 compared with traditional 30kg spools.

Feeding is smoother, resulting in fewer weld defects – especially those arising during start/stop phases.

The bulk spools also reduce the amount of waste packaging material that has to be handled and the one-way packaging is fully recyclable.

The EcoCoil provides the wire with complete protection from moisture and dust during transportation and storage.

For customers requiring bulk wire packaging with a lower pack weight, the ESAB Octagonal BigDrum weighs 350kg.

Based on the outer shell of the ESAB Marathon Pac, the Octagonal BigDrum features an inner tube.

In use, the Octagonal BigDrum is placed on a rotating table for decoiling.

As with the EcoCoil, the Octagonal BigDrum provides full protection and easy recycling.

Another development of specialist interest to wind turbine tower manufacturers is ESAB’s moisture-protected BigBags for flux.

These have a moisture-proof aluminium lining that eliminates the need to redry the flux prior to use, as well as a well defined discharge spout that can be closed to stop the flow of flux.

Manufacturers of wind turbine towers use ESAB OK Flux 10.72, which has been specially formulated for this application.

Suitable for single- and multi-wire SAW processes, it is an agglomerated basic flux that achieves good toughness values down to -50C, even with multi-layer, thick-section welding with high deposition rates.

Slag removal in narrow V joints allows the included angle to be reduced.

As part of ESAB, a world leading supplier of welding and cutting solutions, ESAB Group (UK) Ltd have access to a product research and development programme, the envy of the welding industry.

The brand is synonymous with world leading expertise  and today the company produces consumables and equipment for virtually every welding and cutting process and application.

As a logical step following his invention of the covered welding electrode back in 1904, Oscar Kjellberg founded ESAB. Since then, the company has constantly improved on existing methods and materials. At the same time, ESAB has developed new methods to meet the challenge presented by technological progress.

More than 100 years of continuous research, development and manufacture have made ESAB a world leader in welding, cutting and also an international supplier of products, know-how and services that none can match.

At is UK headquarters, ESAB Group (UK) Ltd have a team of highly experienced and qualified staff who are always available to offer help and advice on all aspects of welding and cutting. 

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