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A range of TXH TIG welding torches has been launched by ESAB with the needs of the welder in mind. Featuring a highly ergonomic design, the torches are convenient to operate and produce high-quality results in all common TIG welding applications.

A range of air-cooled and water-cooled TXH torch packages are available, as well as remote and flexible-head versions, which ensure welding tasks can be carried out in difficult-to-access areas.

The 401W HD torch is designed for heavy-duty applications up to 400A.

TXH torches can be specified with or without a gas valve and with or without a flexible neck, according to individual preference and intended usage.

Key information

  • The torches are designed for use with all TIG welding machines that have a OKC connection
  • Remote versions will operate with CAN-bus-controlled machines
  • Welding diameters range from 1.0–3.2mm for the TXH 121 torch to 1.0–4.8mm for the TXH 401W model
  • Permitted loads range from 100A to 400A at 35 per cent to 100 per cent duty cycles subject to the torch specified
  • All torches comply with EN60974-7 GOST-R and CCC standards
  • Welding torch heads are lightweight and durable and are manufactured with high-temperature-resistant silicone rubber
  • Copper components ensure cooler running temperatures while maximising the torch’s current capacity
  • An ergonomic handle system offers the welder maximum comfort
  • Integrated dual soft grips ensure the handle remains in place at all times with minimal grip pressure
  • A knuckle joint offers improved manoeuvrability
  • The new TXH torches are compatible with ESAB’s previous TXH torch range
  • There is a central connection with adapter for all front-end consumables
  • A range of wear parts, including electrodes, collet bodies and gas nozzles, is available

As part of ESAB, a world leading supplier of welding and cutting solutions, ESAB Group (UK) Ltd have access to a product research and development programme, the envy of the welding industry.

The brand is synonymous with world leading expertise  and today the company produces consumables and equipment for virtually every welding and cutting process and application.

As a logical step following his invention of the covered welding electrode back in 1904, Oscar Kjellberg founded ESAB. Since then, the company has constantly improved on existing methods and materials. At the same time, ESAB has developed new methods to meet the challenge presented by technological progress.

More than 100 years of continuous research, development and manufacture have made ESAB a world leader in welding, cutting and also an international supplier of products, know-how and services that none can match.

At is UK headquarters, ESAB Group (UK) Ltd have a team of highly experienced and qualified staff who are always available to offer help and advice on all aspects of welding and cutting. 

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