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ESE has introduced AOD (air operated diaphragm) pumps, which, by transferring fluid through the pump by means of a user-supplied source of compressed air, prevent pipe contents becoming contaminated by lubricants.

Comprising suction and discharge manifolds, suction and discharge ball valves, liquid and air chambers, these pumps handle a wide range of fluids up to 50,000cP, in addition to bulk transfer of dry powder, viscous liquids, paint and inks, as well as shear sensitive and fragile fluids.

Possible applications include aircraft, marine and automotive manufacturing; steel processing; metal working; food and beverage; painting; paper and wood; glass and fibreglass; petrochemical; mining; and construction.

Thanks to precision manufacturing techniques and no direct metal-to-metal contact, the pumps require no oil or electricity to operate — instead, air valve assemblies include specially modified fluorocarbon resin materials that glide smoothly without lubrication.

Key features

  • Operates on as low as 0.35kg/cm and flow rates of 3.5 litre/hr
  • Maximum flow rate is up to 50m³
  • Posi-shift air valve design supplies continuous high-pressure signal to main spool
  • O-ring sealing reduces wear
  • Designed to be easy to operate and maintain
  • Atex certified
  • Variable flow rates possible
  • Submersible
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Five-year warranty on main and pilot spools

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