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ESR Technology (Pump Centre) offers a course entitled Valves and Their Applications, which discusses basic valve operating principles and valve construction and is aimed at engineers that design new valve systems, specify valves, maintain or refurbish existing systems, evaluate valve system designs or tenders and commission valves and piping systems.

The course will also discuss strengths and weaknesses of various valve types, hydraulic considerations and the effect of valve selection on system performance, as well as offer guidance on selecting the most appropriate valve for the operating conditions.

Course contents

  • What a valve does
  • The basic types of valve and their operating principles
  • Remote operation and valve actuators
  • Hydraulic losses in valves
  • Valve materials and maintenance

Course programme

  • Advantages and disadvantages of different valve types
  • Physical construction of different valve types
  • Valve operation and valve actuators
  • Hydraulic losses in different valve types
  • Access and maintenance to valves in service

ESR Technology (Pump Centre)

The Pump Centre is a membership organisation that provides its members with a range of services associated with pumps, pumping systems and related plant and equipment. Incorporated within ESR Technology, it utilises the expertise of engineers and scientists drawn from the UK’s leading technology organisations. Members benefit from:

  • Fast access to problem solving expertise
  • Free and discounted training courses
  • Participation in development projects
  • Access to technical information
  • Forum for the exchange of ideas and extending business contacts
  • Marketing opportunities

ESR Technology is one of the UK’s leading engineering, safety and risk consultancies. ESR provides essential independent technical advice, products and expertise to help drive its customers’ businesses forward.  ESR Technology’s highly skilled, world-class consultancy teams have in-depth experience of working with customers across a variety of sectors, including Oil and Gas, Aviation, Space, Industrial, Utilities and Nuclear.

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