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ESBE’s new range of load units and load valves achieve best possible energy efficiency and environmentally friendly boiler solid fuel firing.

Mike Cole, managing director of Essco Controls, UK agent for ESBE products, said: ‘Optimal regulation protects the solid fuel boiler from low return temperatures, while the accumulation tank is efficiently loaded.

‘Built-in functions ensure fast, simple and compact installation and safe reliable operation.

‘The range has been purpose-designed for optimal loading of accumulation tanks – from the smallest pellet stoves to 150kW boilers.’ The valve design provides efficient accumulation loading and good layering in the accumulation tank.

This results in more convenient operation and high-energy utilisation.

The load units are available in two main variants with different size integral circulation pumps.

The load units ensure correct dimensions for respective systems.

The smaller load unit variant reduces electricity consumption by 30 per cent over comparable load units and improves energy utilisation.

A wood boiler has a high combustion temperature to keep emissions low.

If the boiler’s return temperature is low, this can lead to internal corrosion damage.

The new valves ensure a boiler quickly heats up to temperature, maintaining a high, guaranteed return temperature throughout the boiler’s combustion cycle.

This results in enhanced boiler efficiency, less carbon emissions, tar formation reduction inside the boiler and increased service life.

The load unit’s integrated auto-circulation function allows the tank to continue loading if there is a power cut or the circulation pump stops working.

While the auto-circulation function is blocked at delivery time, if required, the installer/user can easily enable/disable.

The load valve regulates at two ports, improving control performance and meaning a separate adjustment valve is not required on bypass pipe.

This reduces installation time and avoids system tuning.

The load unit’s shut-off function is integrated into the adapters, making any future pump/load valve servicing easier, as the entire system doesn’t have to be drained.

ESBE has 95 dimensions of valves to help achieve efficient energy utilisation and operating economy.

These comprise three product groups, one load-unit series and two load-valve series: load unit series LTC100 contains an integrated pump, thermal load valve, auto-circulation function with enable/disable capability, shut-off valves and thermometers.

It is insulated for protection and energy saving.

There are two main variants, for boiler outputs up to 50 or 100kW.

The series is available with pipe connection DN 25-50, internal thread or compression fitting connection.

It has an opening connection selection of 50, 55, 60, 65, 70 or 75C.

Valve housing is modular iron (EN-JS 1050).

Load valve series VTC500 has two variants: series VTC510 is load valve only while series VTC530 is a complete unit comprising load valve, thermometers, shut-off valves and insulation.

The series is for boiler outputs up to 150kW.

The series is available with pipe connection DN 25-50, internal/external thread.

It has an opening temperature selection of 50, 55, 60, 65, 70 or 75C.

Valve housing is modular iron (EN-JS 1050).

The load valve series VTC300 is for boiler outputs up to 30kW.

The compact size makes the unit ideal for pellet stoves.

It has DN 20 pipe connection.

There are four connection variants: internal or external thread, pump flange or rotating nut.

It has an opening temperature selection of 45, 55, 60, 70 or 80C.

It is corrosion-resistant DZR (Dezincification Resistant Brass, CW 602N).

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