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Essemtec has launched the CLM979 radial component feeder that enables the assembly of through-hole LEDs on a standard pick-and-place machine.

The feeder releases LEDs from the tape, cuts the wire ends and prepares the component for pickup.

Typically two different machines have been required for mixed placements: an SMD pick-and-place and a placement machine for conventional components.

However, with the CLM979 radial feeder, a pick-and-place can accomplish both through-hole LED assembly and SMD placement.

Essemtec said this saves space, time and money.

The LEDs are supplied in radial tapes.

The CLM979 feeder transports the components, releases them from the tape, cuts the wire ends to the desired length and aligns them parallel.

So-prepared LEDs can now be handled by the SMD pick-and-place with a vacuum pickup tool.

In order to guarantee smooth insertion of the LEDs into the soldering holes, the wire ends are inspected using optical systems (laser and vision).

If the wires are bent out of tolerance, because of a bent terminal, for example, the component is rejected.

The CLM979 feeder can be mounted in parallel to standard SMD component feeders – therefore, mixed placement is possible in one run.

Depending on the application, through-hole LEDs can be soldered using the solder wave or reflow soldering system (pin-in-paste technology).

The radial feeder CLM979 is said to expand the application range of a standard SMD placement machine and increases flexibility.

The feeder is compatible with most of Essemtec’s automatic pick-and-place machines.

It also can be retrofitted on machines of other brands.

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