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Essemtec has published a free brochure entitled ‘LED Production Systems’, containing comprehensive information on production and processing of LEDs.

The eight-page document shows many production methods, such as manufacturing of lenses at board level, phosphor-encapsulation and assembly of LEDs on flex-boards.

It clearly outlines the various processes and shows the application possibilities of dispensing systems, placement machines, solder and curing systems.

The machines make it possible to manufacture standard and specific products quickly.

Essemtec’s dispensing series CDS6200 can be used with different dispensing valves for all kinds of liquid and pasty media.

The system can be equipped with different dispensing valves to dose dots, lines and curves.

These dispensing machines are used to create LED lenses on board level, and also for encapsulation or the dispensing of circuit elements (metal domes).

For solder and curing tasks with full convection, UV or IR radiation, the RO Vario can be used.

With this system, SMD prints can be soldered, adhesives and moulding compounds can be cured and LEDs soldered on special foils, such as polyester.

The brochure can be ordered in German or English.

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